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Typhoon winnie hits Bicol

Typhoon "Winnie" increases its speed to 55 kph as it reaches Bikol regions and other part of Southern Luzon.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said on Monday that the center of Winnie was spotted at 70 kilometers northwest of Legaspi City, Albay, or at 60 kilometers east-southeast of Daet, Camarines Norte.

Catanduanes, Ca­marines Norte, Camarines Sur, Que­zon, Polilio Island, Albay, Burias Island, Romblon, Marin­duque and Oriental Mindoro raised storm number 1.

A Kapampangan Inventor

A Kapampangan showed his impressive ability by inventing a stove which uses both the electricity and fuel such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other.

Edgar Mendoza, 35, single, of 5006 G. Valdez Street Lourdes Sur who was a graduate of B.S. Electrical Engineering, spent more than Php20,000.00 in processing his invention. (More from our source)

Gastroenteritis Outbreak In Cebu

It was on November 23, 2004 when the outbreak of Gastroenteritis hit Cebu. For only 6 days, there are already 239 reported cases and 2 of them have already died.

The outbreak was traced to a leaking water pipe of the Moalboal Water System of the Local Water Utilities Administration, which was tested positive of contamination.

Garcia's Document Missing

Document missing? Newspapers’ headline today is on the case of Maj. Gen. Garcia’s case for the alleged violation of the Article of War, in which original documents of the statement of the assets and liabilities which is the basis for perjury are missing.

Original copies of retired Army Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia’s statements of assets and liabilities (SALs) — the basis of his indictment for perjury before the Sandiganbayan — are missing from the records of the Armed Forces, the special prosecutor said yesterday.
Under the Rules of Court, evidence submitted in court must be original documents. If the originals are in the custody of a government official, then a certified true copy of these documents duly authenticated by the government official must be on hand. (Source)
If it is really true that the documents are missing, then there should be an underground operation to clean up evidences against the retired General. Of course we can’t just reject the possibilities about it. Maj. Gen. Garcia is a million dollar man just as what has been reported:
Garcia was also accused of making an undervalued assessment of nine vehicles registered under his name and those of his family members.

Garcia owns a 1993 Toyota Previa worth P521,797, a 1997 Mitsubishi L-300 van worth P424,583, and a 1997 Honda Civic worth P564,000, the investigators added.

The Office of the Ombudsman also included in the perjury cases Garcia’s failure to declare P5.8 million in investments in the Armed Forces-Police Savings and Loan Association Inc.

Garcia is also being investigated for the $785,630 he and his family had allegedly been sneaking into the United States between November 1998 and June 2004.

One of Garcia’s sons was detained at a US airport last year for carrying up to 100,000 dollars in cash without declaring it to customs.

Apparently to extricate her son, the general’s wife, Clarita, told US officials she had also brought in $100,000 in the past.

She also reportedly said that their money came from gifts and commissions from suppliers dealing with her husband, who was then AFP comptroller.

Garcia is also believed to own real estate in the US worth a total of $1.4 million, as well as two trucks, a 2003 Honda CRV, 1998 Toyota Hilux, 2001 Toyota Rava, and a 1993 Toyota.

Garcia was the comptroller in charge of the military’s budget until March, when he was transferred to another post after unconfirmed reports surfaced that his son was held at a US airport for allegedly failing to declare $100,000 in cash he was carrying. (ibid)
He’s not just an ordinary Filipino who is often times victim of injustices. He has everything: Power, Wealth, and Influence. He can do everything he wanted to do to clear his name.

Behind the Comouflage 2

First we heard a news on the corruption by a military general, Retired Major Gen. Carlos Garcia. Then, the Imbestigador of GMA 7 exposed the homosexual activity of a military major. And now, another scandal faced by the organization is the shoplifting case of a top PMA graduate (2004), 2Lt. Rolly Joacquin.

Joacquin who graduated com laude is just wasting the opportunity came into his life as a grantee for the Basic Officers course at Fort Benning sponsored by the United States Military Assistance Group. He tried to exchange the good luck came into his military career with just a piece of CD. He’s not using his intelligence and tried to show his stupidity.

Behind The Comouflage

Now, it was confirmed that homosexuality does exist in the Philippine Military organization. Although how strict is their policy regarding on homosexuality, still one has survived covering his true identity.

From the expose shown by the Imbestigador of the GMA 7, Army Major Ferdinand Ramos was caught on video engaging in oral and anal sex with the military trainees.

This scandal is another truth exposed behind the camouflage.

On Importing Rice

When I was still on high school, our teacher told us that the best school on agriculture especially on rice production was here in the Philippines through the University of the Philippines in Laguna and the VISCA in Leyte. Students from China, Thailand, Korea and other neighboring Asian countries went here to study agriculture. And then after they graduated, the techniques and especial processes they learned here were being applied in their own countries.

Today, while reading on the news, I found this article:

The Philippines, however, expects its rice import volume to be lower in 2005 due to anticipated record harvest of palay this year. Rice imports this year cost government about P12 billion. (source)

And it reminds me that Philippines although is an agricultural country is still importing rice from other country such as China, India, Vietnam and Thailand. Those countries which sent scholars here in the Philippines to study and learned techniques from us are now supplying us rice.


On The Bloody Dispersal

The number of death on the side of the protesters has increased from 7 to 14 as of the report today (source). Both sides were blaming each other for firing the first to shots who triggered the riot (source). But, the Department of Justice said that both parties could be held liable on the death and injuries of the protester (source).


Just Wondering

I am wondering if the Philippines have a plan to send a mission outside the earth, just as what Europe did when their SMART 1 was successful on its first orbit mission to the moon (source).

The European Space Agency is now in their lunar study, using the SMART 1 craft which will now begin its spinning orbit from 3,100 miles (distance from the moon) down closer to the moon.

When other nations are trying to extend their mission outside the earth, I think, Philippines will stay in focus on its internal economic crisis which tends to pull down every citizens and residents of the country.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue is now preparing a P39 million tax-evasion case against Maj. Gen. Garcia (source); Sugar mill workers of Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac continue their protests which led to the death of 7 and injured 50 (source); A radio manager in Bacolod City died due to multiple organ failure caused by gunshot wounds when he was attacked last Saturday, November 13, 2004 (source).


Striving To Survive, Causes Death

In these times of hardship, Filipino poor people find ways to earn a little for their survival. They sometimes are not concern on what will be the result of their action, as long as they knew that what they do can give a little remedy for their hunger.

On my Living In Metro Manila Blogsite, I have a post entitled “Eating Garbage” which talked about the tendency of the Filipino poor people to eat garbage just to survive from the day’s hunger, without knowing that what they eat will just give them more trouble than relieving their pain of hunger.

Now, here’s a news:

10 Dies As Trains Derails … The Manila-bound Philippine National Railways train, with about 400 passengers, went off the rails at speed near Barangay Duhat, Padre Burgos. … Four of the six passenger coaches plunged down a 40-foot slope, eyewitnesses said. Some of the wheelbases remained on the track.

People might think that what had happened to this train was just an accident. But hey! Is it really an accident or was just a result of some foolishness? Now let us consider this:

10 Dies As Trains Derails … The PNR suspects that the tracks were damaged by thieves who remove tracks, rail spikes and other equipment to sell for scrap.

See. Although I didn’t witness the accident and even didn’t investigate about this, but I do believe that stealing tracks, rail spikes and other metal or equipment and sold for scrap was the major concern on this. We can not deny the fact that there are Filipinos who didn’t use their head before doing such actions.

When I was in Cebu, that was on the year 2000, when I was about to leave the Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel in Tisa, Cebu City after our worship service, I saw 3 teenagers who were carrying the metal covering for the open canal on both sides of the road.

I knew that would be sold for scrap for their living but they were also trying to leave the canal open and that would cause harm to people walking along that road especially during night time. And I couldn’t leave this way just like this. I ran after them. When they noticed me, the two young men faced me with a metal rod on their hands, while the other one tried to hold the metal covering.

I was challenged by what they’d showed me. So I got a piece of wooden rod, divided it into two and struck the right arm of the taller one. The metal rod, he was holding, was thrown away. And then I aimed to the arm of the other guy… I would hit him if he didn’t run leaving the younger one who was holding the metal covering and the taller one who was moaning in pain.

The younger one pulled the metal covering back on place as what I instructed him. And warned them not to touch again those metal covering, otherwise they will stay in prison.

Pag-ibig Biggest Loan

The government has granted the P353 million loan from the PAG-IBIG fund to the real estate firm of Mike Velarde, for the construction of the Amvel Mansions, a 3,000 unit residential project at the Amvel Business Park, San Dionisio, Parañaque. Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

I believe that the said grant of loan is part of the projects of the government for the implementation of one of the 10 point agenda of President Gloria Arroyo for the Nation’s Development. But what makes us think negatively is the person who received the biggest Pag-ibig loan in the history. For every Filipino knows that Mike Velarde as leader of the El Shaddai Catholic Charismatic Movement is the supporter of President Gloria Arroyo and Vice President and chairman of the housing and urban development committee, Noli De Castro during the May 2004 election.

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