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Indonesian Expert Bomber Arrested

An Indonesian was arrested in a checkpoint in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao for carrying .45 pistol, Philippine Military official said on Tuesday.

He was not immediately identified according to Military Spokesman, that Jeqi or Zaggi as he was called, allegedly is a member of al-Qaeda-linked terror network Jemaah Islamiyah, an expert in bombing who trained the local terrorist- ABU SAYAF for the deadly attack on February 14, 2005.

On Pacquiao vs Morales bout

It might be a bad luck to all gamblers who bid for Manny, and might hurt every Filipino who expected him to win. But there's nothing to worry regarding the lose of Manny on this big event at Las Vegas, Nevada.

It only proves that Morales was really prepared to face the Filipino idol in the world of Boxing, and that Pacquiao needs more training and preparation to face his opponent whoever he might be, especially now that he is fighting for the vacant Super-Featherweight title.

On the jail break

As of the writing of this post, police killed at least 22 detainees already when they stormed a maximum-security jail, firing tear gas and bullets to retake the facility from Muslim militants who stole weapons from guards during a botched breakout.

Sometimes, it is surprising to know that a detainee had stolen arms from the guard. Thus, it means guards carelessly had done their duties?

Among the detainees killed are three Abu Sayyaf leaders: Alhamzer Manatad Limbong who is known as Kosovo, Ghalib Andang as Commander Robot, Nadsmieh Sabtulah as Commander Global.
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