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Diving and Snorkeling Philippines (Lonely Planet Pisces Books)

Diving and Snorkeling Philippines (Lonely Planet Pisces Books)With more than 7,000 islands and countless coral reefs, the Philippines offers a plethora of diving opportunities. Whether it’s snorkeling alongside whale sharks, cruising with mantas or thresher sharks, exploring WWII wrecks or simply hanging out near the kaleidoscopic walls and reefs, this tropical paradise will fascinate divers of all skill levels and interests. Divers and snorkelers can don their fins and swim out from white-sand beaches to shallow coral gardens, or enjoy live-aboard diving among some of the finest dive sites in the world. This book describes more than 120 of the country’s best dive sites.

You'll get specific information on:

  • dive site depth range, access and conditions
  • common and hazardous marine life
  • topside activities and attractions
  • diving services and live-aboards
  • 23 easy-to-read maps

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No Fear: The Manny Pacquiao Story - Philippines Tagalog DVD

No Fear: The Manny Pacquiao Story - Philippines Tagalog DVDFeaturing actual footage of his greatest fights! World Champion. National Hero. A local boy's rice from famine to fame. His mother wanted him to become a man of the cloth. Instead he became a man of the people. Young Manny Pacquiao dodged the blows of hunger and poverty and emerged as one of the finest champions the country has ever produced. This is the story of how his killer fists sowed fear in his opponents, landed him the coveted world boxing crowns, and earned him the adoration of his countrymen. Blow by blow, it's a knockout of a tale you shouldn't miss.

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Culture Smart! Philippines: A Quick Guide to Customs & Etiquette

Culture Smart! Philippines: A Quick Guide to Customs & EtiquetteThe Philippine archipelago lies between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, stretching about 1,150 miles (1,850 km) from north to south, and 684 miles (1,100 km) from east to west.

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Lonely Planet, Diving & Snorkeling "Philippines"

Diving and Snorkeling Philippines (Lonely Planet Pisces Books)Review is not yet available.

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Hella Pinoy DVD Rex Navarrete - Philippines Tagalog DVD

Hella Pinoy DVD Rex Navarrete - Philippines Tagalog DVDThis is the debut DVD release from Filipino American comedian Rex Navarrete! Popular for his three audio CD releases, this DVD was recorded during a live performance at San Francisco State University in October 2003. This DVD includes: 75 minutes of Concert footage "Behind the Scenes" documentary and slideshow Rex's "Early Days" of Comedy Two episodes of the "Rex-files" PCM Stereo sound

Hella Pinoy DVD Rex Navarrete - Philippines Tagalog DVD

Filipino Children's Favorite Stories

Filipino Children\'s Favorite StoriesGr 3-6-A compilation of 13 short folktales, many of them classics of the Filipino culture. Many of the themes are universal in nature. Tales of greed and laziness and their consequences, nature's ways, family love and loyalty, and humorous trickster tales are all included. Many of the selections have counterparts from other cultures. "The Deer and the Snail" is a "Tortoise and the Hare" variant, and children will recognize "The Prince's Bride" as "Beauty and the Beast" with a twist. Others are quite different, such as "Why Mosquitoes Buzz Around Our Ears," which is surprisingly unlike the well-known African tale. "The Battle of the Sea and Sky" is a particularly nice telling of the creation of the Philippine Islands. Each story is accompanied by de Leon's ink-and-watercolor illustrations. The artist has subtly paid tribute to the diversity of the islands by using a variety of styles in the costume, suggestive of the different regions. A lovely addition to folklore collections.

Roxanne Burg, Thousand Oaks Library, CA

Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

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Music of the Philippines: Fiesta Filipina

Music of the Philippines: Fiesta FilipinaIf you enjoy Fiesta Filipina's performances of traditional Philippine folk music and dances, this CD is a must-have. Among the tracks are Si Pilemon, Kaykayapo, Malong-taghing baila, Binuyogan, Sa Kabukiran, Dinuy-ya, Panderettas, Ka-singkil, Sampaguita, Jota castanetas, Tahing baila... More power to those who devote themselves to promoting Filipino culture around the world!

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In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines

In Our Image: America\'s Empire in the PhilippinesThough Karnow claims that U.S. imperialism in its former colony, the Philippines, has been "uniquely benign" compared to European colonialism, the evidence set forth in this colorful, briskly readable history undercuts that prognosis. He shows that a succession of U.S. presidents and administrators coddled the archipelago's 60 or so ruling families, perpetuating the feudal oligarchy that continues to this day, and widening the gap between rich and poor. Karnow, whose Vietnam: A History is a standard account of the American venture in Southeast Asia, draws intriguing parallels: the U.S.-Philippine war of 1898, much like the Vietnam experience, dehumanized U.S. troops, who looted and annihilated villages; ex-President Marcos, like South Vietnamese ruler Diem, presented Washington with the problem of how to deal with a client state that squandered its credibility. In Karnow's assessment, the "new prosperity" under Corazon Aquino has not touched the Filipino countryside or slums. Photos. Author tour.

Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Order it here >>> In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines

Philippines (Culture Shock!)

Culture Shock!: PhilippinesWhether you travel for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two, the ever-popular CULTURE SHOCK! series belongs in your backpack or briefcase. Get the nuts-and-bolts information you need to survive and thrive wherever you go. CULTURE SHOCK! country guides are easy-to-read, accurate, and entertaining crash courses in local customs and etiquette. CULTURE SHOCK! practical guides offer the inside information you need whether you're a student, a parent, a globetrotter, or a working traveler. CULTURE SHOCK! AT YOUR DOOR guides equip you for daily life in some of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. And CULTURE SHOCK! SUCCESS SECRETS guides offer relevant, practical information with the real-life insights and cultural know-how that can make the difference between business success and failure.

Each CULTURE SHOCK! title is written by someone who's lived and worked in the country, and each book is packed with practical, accurate, and enjoyable information to help you find your way and feel at home.

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SEX in Philippine Cinema

SEX in Philippine CinemaArouse Your Curiosity Take off your inhibitions. Disrobe your desires. Soak up in the best steamy scenes ever to scorch the screens. Revel on Rosanna. Sizzle with Sunshing. Jack ip up with Joyce. Risk it wirh Rica. Mash it up with Maui. Pant over Patricia. Go booba over Rufa. This is raunchfest at its best with the flaming femmes of the Philippine movies. So drop on the floor, pop in this video and let your guard down.

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Lonely Planet Philippines (Lonely Planet Philippines)

Lonely Planet Philippines (Lonely Planet Philippines)The Philippines' extraordinary diversity and beauty in one comprehensive guidebook: kaleidoscopic local festivals, bustling cities, deserted islands, awe-inspiring rice terraces, erupting volcanoes, and great adventures under sea and in the hills.

  • over 100 easy-to-read maps
  • completely revised by a new team of authors
  • culturally sensitive and insightful information on the country's political, economic and environmental scene
  • essential language chapter, with handy phrases in Pilipino

Order it here >>> Lonely Planet Philippines (Lonely Planet Philippines)

Burning Heart : A Portrait of the Philippines

Burning Heart : A Portrait of the PhilippinesNothing is absolute, especially in the Philippines. It is a land of opposites, where religion, spirituality, superstition, and mystery are all present in equal doses. It is a place where Catholics consult tarot card readers and prostitutes keep shrines to the Virgin Mary. Burning Heart allows a rare glimpse into this world: the taste of cane liquor and salty stews, the sound of infectious dance music, and the hopelessness of political turmoil and violence.

Photographer Marissa Roth says "I saw the Philippines in terms of light: luminous, reflective, hard, and deeply shadowed. Filtering that light was the constant heat and humidity, a deceptive sensual salve, masking a country scarred by violence and pain." Her unflinching photographs uncover the importance of religion in the Philippines, as well as the social inequality, dire poverty, overpopulation, and ingrained class system that are all part of daily life. The poetry of Jessica Hagedorn reinforces these realities, but also shows that the simple pleasures we all experience as human beings-- dancing, eating, rejoicing, laughing-- are not absent from Philippine life. Together, these images and poetry are a deeply affecting vision of a country and its people.

Order it here >>> Burning Heart : A Portrait of the Philippines

Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel GuideThe Philippines Travel Guide includes a varied selection of pre-planned travel routes and useful information on transportation, loads of good-value accommodation, selected local and international restaurants, comprehensive language chapter, illustrated sections on flora, fauna and culture, details on outdoor activities including cycling, diving, hiking and surfing, e-mail directory and 179 maps. ItOs the most extensive travel guide on the Philippines.

Order it here >>> Philippines Travel Guide

The Rough Guide to The Philippines, First Edition

The Rough Guide to The Philippines, First EditionThe Rough Guide to The Philppines is the ultimate guide to this stunning archipelago. A 24-page full-colour section introduces the country and its highlights, from the remote sun-kissed islands off the East coast to the lagoons of Palawan and the tribal villages of the Cordilleras. Each region of the country is covered in-depth, with the pick of the sights and activities listed at the start of the chapter. There are detailed and opinionated listings providing essential information on where to stay, eat, drink, dance, dive, surf, trek, kayak and sail. Finally, an informative and accessible background is given to Philippino history, culture, society, music, politics and environment.

Order it here >>> The Rough Guide to The Philippines, First Edition
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