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My Home Town

The Manila Bulletin Online has this report:
The seizure came after a 30-minute fierce gun battle with surprised and outgunned communist dissidents in the Mt. Diwata ranges in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, Maj. Alexis Noel C. Bravo, regional Army spokesman, said. (source)

For the first time since I went here in Metro Manila, my home town has been featured in the news media just like this.

San Agustin, Surigao Sur was the place where my family resided for so long. I was born in that place and lived for about 16 years. I witnessed wars between the government troops and the Communist rebels led by a former Catholic Priest Rev. Navarro who was once the teacher of my big brother in high school and also the one who baptised me in the Catholic.

On this place where I witnessed how the goons pointed a 45 pistol on my mother's back while robbing the ballot and ballot boxes during the Yes or No election. On this place where rebels went inside our house looking for the army men living with us and told us to stay on the safest part of our house.

Mt. Diwata ranges as stated in that report is just adjacent to the parcel of land that our family owned. I can still clearly remember the time when my father and I meet a hundreds of rebels passing in front of us in which some of them are native (Kamayo or Manobo Tribe's men and children carrying guns longer than their height). One of them, the one who led them told my father: "Sir waray kanmo yakit-an ha! (You saw nothing)"

While reading the report, memories of my past of that place have been recalled.

27 Dead in Bus Accident

The death toll on the Accident happened yesterday, May 11, 2005 in Benguet was raised to 27.

Let me say this way.

Accident can actually be avoided. Iisa lang po ang dapat gawin, act as a disciplined one. Disiplina lang po ang kailangan. But how?

You know, ang accident ay laging nakaabang sa daan. Expected po talaga yan. Perso sana, bago ka pa magpatakbo ng iyong sasakyan, try to fix any problem ng iyong sasakyan.

Halimbawa, check mo ang brakes mo, ang clutch, ang kambyo, lahat lahat ng nasa sasakyan mo i-check mo na lalo na ang gulong. Then kung nakasiguro ka na na nasa condition ang lahat then, pwede ka nang magpatakbo. Pero kung nagpapatakbo ka naman ng sasakyan siguraduhin mong nasa tama ka. Tama ba ang speed mo at naayon ba ito sa condition ng daan.

Kung tama ang takbo ng sasakyan mo, e kung overloading ka rin naman, wala ding silbi. Bakit? Kung pababa ang daan at overloaded ka, sa tingin mo kaya makakayanan ng brakes mo ang pagcontrol ng takbo ng sasakyan sa haba ng daan na pababa? Hindi mo ba naiisip na bibigay din yan kung hindi niya makakayanan?

In other words po, bilang driver ng sasakyan, we'll make sure na secured ang sasakyan natin at nasa magandang condition, para kung may mga bagay man na hindi natin maiiwasan sa daan, ay maiiwasan din naman nating magkaroon ng malaking pinsala sa sasakyan o sa buhay man ng mga pasahero mo.
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