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A Thought About Daniel Smith

Lance Corporal Daniel Smith has become popular in the Philippines for allegedly raped a Filipina. I think (I'm not sure) that he's now convicted of that crime.
And now, talks about him is again back on air. Just like this news:
A militant group on Thursday accused the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) of “lawyering" for Lance Corporal Daniel Smith when it argued before the Supreme Court that the US may retain custody over the convicted rapist.

Bayan secretary general Reynato Reyes said that it was obvious that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administration lacks interest in acquiring custody of Smith because its government lawyers are becoming "a virtual annex of the US Embassy." (source)
I understand Smith really should be imprisoned because of the crime he committed.

But what confused me is the we deal for the criminals.

For example: If one of the OFW committed a crime and convicted for it, we cry for the release of that certain criminal and urge the government to work for the release of this criminal. Now, that a foreigner committed a crime here in the Philippines and against to one of the Filipino, we again cry for his imprisonment and that he should be imprisoned here in the Philippines.

All Out War Against ABU SAYYAF

I read the news today that the Governor is now giving his Go Signal to the Police and Military for the offensive action against the Abu Sayyaf.
ZAMBOANGA CITY—Basilan Gov. Jum Akbar has given the police and the military the go signal to conduct an all-out offensive against Abu Sayyaf kidnappers and to rescue the six hostages, including a foreigner, being held in the province. Akbar gave the go signal after the group of Abu Sayyaf bandits, led by Furuji Indama, seized a Sri Lankan peace advocate in Lamitan City. Sri Lankan Umar Jaleel, who works for the Brussels-based Nonviolent Peace Force, was seized by Indama’s group at about 2:45 a.m. on Friday in barangay Maloong, Lamitan City. (source)
For me, this is the only thing that the government can do to stop this. Abu Sayyaf is really different compared to other rebel groups here in the Philippines. Peace Talks and negotiation is not the solution to this but only the All Out War against them.

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World Bank's Report

I was earlier asked by my friends if the World Bank Report which revealed that few of the Congressmen and other politicians are making money from the projects financed by the World Bank. And my answer is a big "YES".

These people accused of making money from the projects financed by the World Bank are now attacking the World Bank of telling false and purely heresy accusations. However, I really believed that what the World Bank concluded on the said World Bank report is true. I am not sure if the World Bank has collected evidence to back up what the report concluded but Senator Ping Lacson has point when he said that the proof of this is the result of the financed projects.

For example, former Congressman Pichay is the representative of the first district of Surigao del Sur. Now, let's examine his accomplishments especially in the concreting of the Surigrao del sur highway. If we will found out that the concrete highway built during the time of Congressman Pichay didn't pass the quality standard of a concrete Highway then we can say that the allegation is true.

This is just a simple way of measuring how true is the allegation.

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SSS.GOV.PH Online Inquiry

The SSS Online Inquiry is a system established by Social Security System of the Philippines in helping its members to easily inquire anything about their SSS accounts.

But due to the problems in the server of the SSS website, the SSS Online Inquiry is always down.

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