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A Thought About Daniel Smith

Lance Corporal Daniel Smith has become popular in the Philippines for allegedly raped a Filipina. I think (I'm not sure) that he's now convicted of that crime.
And now, talks about him is again back on air. Just like this news:
A militant group on Thursday accused the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) of “lawyering" for Lance Corporal Daniel Smith when it argued before the Supreme Court that the US may retain custody over the convicted rapist.

Bayan secretary general Reynato Reyes said that it was obvious that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administration lacks interest in acquiring custody of Smith because its government lawyers are becoming "a virtual annex of the US Embassy." (source)
I understand Smith really should be imprisoned because of the crime he committed.

But what confused me is the we deal for the criminals.

For example: If one of the OFW committed a crime and convicted for it, we cry for the release of that certain criminal and urge the government to work for the release of this criminal. Now, that a foreigner committed a crime here in the Philippines and against to one of the Filipino, we again cry for his imprisonment and that he should be imprisoned here in the Philippines.
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