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Filipino in Korea

When I read a news by the Korea Herald on the warning of the Philippine government to Filipinos who would travel to Korea, I immediately remembered the times when I was in the process of indoctrination to the church known as the Unification Church founded and headed by Sun Myong Moon who was believed to be the reincarnation of Christ.

The Philippines government yesterday issued an urgent warning to Filipino women against travel to Korea on entertainment visas or for arranged marriages. (Korea Herald)
On August 1995, I joined the WON WA DO, a martial arts club which was teaching martial arts lesson for free. After attending martial arts classes for almost 1 month, we are told by our instructor that we would not be promoted to yellow belt (from white belt) if we wouldn't attend a lecture. I thought the lecture they're saying was about martial arts, but it was not. Since during the first day of our lecture, we were taught about the creation of the world by God, the birth of Christ and some revelations. Then after that, the life of Sun Myong Moon was being told to us and his survival and escape from prison...

I thought, the reason why we're being told on the life of Sun Myong Moon was to let us aware how Sun Myong Moon survived those troubles as in connection to our studies in martial arts. But I was shocked when the instructor told us that Sun Myong Moon was the reincarnation of Christ, and that, it was God who saved him from the hands of those people who killed thousands of Koreans in the Killing Field, because he was destined to continue the mission of Christ which was failed because of his death and that through him (Sun Myong Moon), the man will be united.

That's crazy I said to my self. Although I was a catholic at that time, but I believed that Christ was not failed on his mission, to unite man to God.

So, I myself also urge Filipinos to be cautious in travelling Korea just because, you'll be married with the man or woman that Sun Myong Moon has given you. Don't be fooled with the false teaching of Sun Myong Moon which are based only on his experiences not on the Bible.

On Condom Issue

I don't know what really is the reason why Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit and his Department of Health don't promote the use of contraceptive in Family planning, just as what has been reported:

Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit said in a statement that “we don’t promote it as a regular type of contraceptive,” despite condoms’ effectiveness in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS.
The health department, which coordinates with the country’s population-control program, limits itself to presenting married couples with options while promoting “natural family planning” without the use of contraceptives. (Manila Times)
Is it because he is a Catholic and the Catholic church prohibits the use of contraceptive? or is because of this reason:

The church, which disallows the use of contraceptives, is known to campaign against officials who promote their use. (ibid)


Hacienda workers' strike

It was a long time since the protest made by the workers of the Hacienda Luisita started on November 6, 2004. And on November 16, 2004 when the policemen dispersed the striking workers, 7 people were killed.

As of Saturday, January 22, 2005, there are 700 to 900 people joined the protest and warned the police that they will armed themselves if policement will disperse them.

TARLAC CITY, Tarlac, Philippines -- Residents of villages covering Hacienda Luisita have threatened to arm themselves if policemen disperse the workers and residents picketing the Cojuangco family-owned sugar mill inside the estate.

"We will arm ourselves to protect our rights," resident Leony Halili, 65, told participants of a protest rally in front of the city hall here on Wednesday. (source)

First Philippine Republic 106th Anniversary

Today, we observe the 106th anniversary of the First Philippine Rebpublic.

President Emilio F. Aguinaldo’s proclamation on January 23, 1899 establishing the Filipino Republic in Malolos, Bulacan, was the capstone of the Filipino people’s unrelenting struggle to cast off the colonial yoke and recover their freedom lost in 1571. January 23, 1899, is a historic date not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. The Filipino Republic set up on this date had the distinction of being the first republic in Asia and the Filipino people the first people to set up their own government free from foreign domination. This event also gave the peoples of colonial Asia a beacon of hope that someday they, too, would be free from foreign dominance. (source)


Quake shook Southern Philippines

A tectonic earthquake with 5.4 intensity shook the southern Philippines at 1:54 am (1854 GMT Friday). The epicenter is about 85 kilometer south of General Santos City, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

Gen. Macarthur's car

The car used by General Douglas Macarthur during his stay here in the Philippines. (Displayed in front front of the Quezon City Hall.)

Pres. Manuel L. Quezon car

The Presidential Car used by the Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon. (Displayed in front of the Quezon City Hall.)

Pirated CD's and DVD's

The picture shows the stall of one of the vendors of the pirated CD's and DVD's inside the government compound where offices that manage water supply of Metro Manila such as the Manila Water Company, Inc. in Balara, Quezon City, found.

This stall stood beside the Manila Water Company building in Balara, Quezon City.

Striking Workers Shot: 2 Wounded

Two striking worker, Ernesto Ramos and George Loveland, both suffered a shot wound on the chest after the unidentified men shot the group striking worker at the west gate of the Hacienda Luisita, Tarlac City, at around 11am, Wednesday, January 5, 2005.

State of Calamity: Baguio City

The meningo­coccemia cases seems turning to be worst. The city government of Baguio has declared a state of calamity after a sharp rise of the meningo cases. They even experienced the shortage of the vaccine against the desease
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