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Living in the Philippines is Hard

I really feel hard living here in the Philippines. Prices of commodities went high. Even if the prices of gasoline and other oil products went down by 1 Peso, but still their too high for me. Besides, even if the prices of these products will reach 20 pesos but I am sure that the prices of other goods will not go down.

I already noticed it. Few years ago, gasoline reached the 56 pesos price. Then after several month, it went down to 47 pesos and stayed at that price for a time. However, even if the price of gasoline is in that level, prices of other goods did not go down even a Peso.

But then when the price of gasoline went up to 63 pesos per litter, other goods' prices went up too so fast. And when the price went down to 60 pesos, none of the other goods has dropped the price.

That's the reason why I decided to transfer residence. Although I am still in the Philippines but the good thing is that here in my new address, I can eat food without buying them for they are available in our surrounding.

My only problem here is I have the hard time finding money which I can use to buy other goods.
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